08 July 2010

Summer 2010

Oh. My. Goodness. I can't believe it is July already. Really I feel like this is my first week of summer. I know that school let out June 18 (really late this year) and then we had one quick week of scrambling and packing before we left to visit our families in Indiana for a week. And whoooshh! Here we are in July and I feel like my summer is just beginning.

Since I live on the academic calendar, summer is when I make my version of New Year's resolutions. Here's my admittedly-ambitious list for this summer:

-Paint living room trim
-Clean and organize office/studio
-Deep clean the basement (where the dogs reside, ick!)
-Learn to sew from Japanese sewing books
-Learn to sew knit children's clothes (already making progress on this, stay tuned)
-A secret art project that I've been mulling around for a while--you'll see it if it turns out
-Continue purging/organizing my wardrobe, including the search for a Uniform Dress
-Find and perfect a great black bean burger recipe
-Eat more fruits and veg (green smoothies, baby!)
-Lose 15 pounds (There, I said it. Now I have to do it)
-Exercise 45 minutes at least 4 days per week
-Sign up to run a 5k
-Get back into biking and sign up for some longer group rides (50 miles or more)
-Create play space for Silvie on our property--swing, sand box or table, and a teepee are what I have in mind
-Build our community by having friends over and getting more involved in church community

Alrighty, then. Commence summer!


If you have any recommendations for favorite healthy food, please comment. I'm especially looking for quick-prep summer food. Thank you.


Brenda said...

Yes, what in the world happened to June? and for that matter April and May as well! You have a great list. I say Amen to all except those having to do with sewing and cooking and play space. Amen to the 15 pounds, exercise, long bike rides, cleaning and painting. Go sister go.

Sarah said...

i think at least half of your list is my list too.

i want in on the black bean burger when you discover/create it.

Melissa said...

GOOD LUCK with that list -- good thing you're much more productive than I!

I recommend spring rolls (of the un-fried rice paper variety). Prep the veggies and noodles in advance, then just soak the rice paper and roll 'em up when you're ready to eat. Y-U-M

Bryce said...

I should try to do some longer bike rides too. At least I don't think it would be bad. And btw, Clif bars are among the healthier energy bars I think. (Healthy food)