08 July 2010

Green Smoothies

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The Sprout is not fond of veggies so I'm sneaking them into green smoothies these days. Spinach and strawberries from our property and a banana for sweetness. Yum.


Lise said...

I do lots of green smoothies for the kids, and in the summer, they become popsicles. Two favs this week:
strawberry/spinach/coconut milk
blueberry/summer squash/spinach/water.
Both gobbled right up!

Brenda said...

Really? Spinach in your smoothies? Hmmm.

Lise said...

Deb, thanks for your reply. I should have added that sometimes I like a creamy popsicle--for texture (they're not as hard) and for some protein so it can be a totally satisfying snack--but my baby is allergic to dairy. So I've been substituting coconut milk or rice milk where I would usually use milk or yogurt.