06 August 2010

Summer in the City

I can't decide if I'm a country girl that lives in the city or a city girl who likes to pretend that she lives in the country. What I do know is that on some of our summer days it's easy to forget that we live in metro Portland. Here are some pictures from our summer life:
Hanging clothes out to dry on our wooden rack.

Harvesting veggies from the garden. This wagon full grew in 10 square feet I am happy to say. We're clearing out the scraggily left-overs from spring planting and getting ready to put in some fall vegetables.

The remaining three chickens. We used to have four but one met its demise this summer. We don't know why, she just got sick and died the next day. This is Rita Henworth, Audry Hepbird, and Amelia Earhart. They are eagerly awaiting their table scraps for the day.

Eating berries. The Sprout has become quite adept at picking strawberries and blueberries. In fact, so adept that she's keeping the bushes clean and there aren't many left to pick and bring inside to cook with. But she is happy and healthy and learning to eat the most local kind of food possible so we just let her have at those berries.

How is summer in your part of the country?


Miss Prickly said...

Gaw....I've got nothing from my garden except chard. Even the zucchini is balking this year. I'm very envious!

Mary A. Miller said...

I think you're achieving the best of both worlds! Country without ALL the work, city easy access to wherever, and whatever! BTW, the berry picking Sprout pic is the CUTEST! :)

Cindy said...

I love the names of your chickens! Ours are named Jessica Fletcher, Nancy Drew, and Miss Marple.

Andrea + Mike said...

what a beautiful picture of Silvia!!! I love the chickens too! I am on a campaign to get a few for us too!!!