30 October 2010

In Which Deb Emerges from a Long Blogging Holiday

Like a squirrel, I'm sticking my head up out of the hole I've been in to look out at the blogging world and say, "Hey! How ya doin'? What's been going on while I've been going nuts? Here's some stuff I've been thinking about."


I think I already told the blogging universe that I have a new housemate. Make that two new housemates. Cara and her Cub moved in with us a month ago. Cara keeps a charming blog over at Hide & Seek in which she posts about intelligent music, inspiring women, dreamy photography and her search to find happiness in this beautiful mess we call life.

Cara's a crafty girl too, and she's trying to raise a little extra income for herself and the Cub through her Etsy shop: The Sunday Driver. Check it out. Buy something. Tell her the photos of the necklaces look awesome (since I snapped them for her one afternoon).


So far, having a housemate has been working out really well, and it is forcing us to get moving on some home improvement projects--small and large. Some photos coming soon...


Squirrel goes back into her hole.

1 comment:

Kathy Beachy said...

Don't stay in that hole too long. You need to get out of the hole, in order to gather enough nuts for the winter. Sounds like changes.