05 October 2010

What I Wish I Had Been Making

Mod Mood Quilt ~ Get Your Curve On

Oh, friends, August and September have been tough transitional months in my world--back to school, two naps to one for the toddler, online graduate classes, business trips for both my husband and myself, a new housemate--lots of changes. I wish I could say that I coped with all these changes by taking more time to be creative, reflective and productive. Instead I coped by watching copious amounts of television, drinking a lot of coffee, and doing some retail therapy.

But I have missed the times carved out of my day to craft so I am making a concerted effort this month to get back into sewing, making, living creatively.


The exquisite quilt above is the Mod Mood Quilt from Daintytime. I wish I had made it.


Nathalie said...

So very beautiful! Who's your new housemate?

Miss Prickly said...

Pssssst...you should call in sick and take a day for yourself.
I won't tell anyone!

Sherri Lynn Wood said...

Deb, Make your mood quilt this fall. There's always a new day and a new mood.