23 November 2010

Porcelain Paint Pens

The Housemate has been playing around with porcelain paint pens the last couple of days. I love her simple line drawings. If you go visit her on her blog and talk real purty to her, you might even be able to convince her to sell you one.

She's offered to let me play with the paint pens too. I've been looking around the internets for some inspiration and I found these Marimekko type prints at CraftJr. and these simple, organic circle plates and a bunch of other great uses of porcelain paint pens on Going Home to Roost. I am inspired.

Today we ended up with an unexpected "snow day". There really was only a light dusting in my part of town but apparently the west hills were icy enough to shut down the school district for a day. I'm not complaining. So I have a little bonus play time. I'm breaking out the paint pens.

Hopefully the results will be blog-worthy :)

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