20 November 2010

Made: Toddler Backpack

I finally finished the on-line graduate class I've been toiling away at, and so I've been able to have a little fun the last week or so. First up was making this sweet little backpack for the Sprout. I found Indietute's Toddler Backpack Tutorial and worked off of it. I added a freeze paper stencil of her first initial and some apple printed fabric to line part of it. I thought it turned out pretty cute and I've been thrilled that she wants to wear her "pack pack" every day when we leave to go to the sitter's house.

Please pardon the poor quality of these photos. I have only a few minutes of twilight by the time I get home from work in the afternoons. I shot these with my Iphone in low light. Blasted daylight savings time!


Melissa said...

she's so cute with her pretty little pack pack! ;)

Miss Prickly said...

I love this! Your little girl is so cute too.

Kris said...

Hi! Miss you...maybe we can talk over Thanksgiving sometime. I'll definitely have time to talk but I'm not sure about my cell coverage in the hills of Eastern PA. Wish us happy kids on the 9 hour drive!!! LOVE the pack pack...and Silvie. :)

Anonymous said...

We are delighted with our little Silvie and her "pack pack" Made me think of Benjie's "ped ped." It looks like it turned out super. Wish I could just fly to Portland like a bird. Maybe not, it would be a long flight. -Mom