23 December 2010

Japanese Masking Tape Love


I've had this Japanese washi masking tape for many months. I liked admiring it and rolling it around in my hands, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to use it. But this Christmas it has saved the day several times.

Want to make super quick Christmas cards? Japanese masking tape to the rescue.


Can't figure out what to do with the Christmas cards that are cluttering the dining room table? Japanese masking tape strikes again.

Want a quick way to wrap a gift? Tissue paper and Japanese masking tape at your service.

Don't want to put a hole in the wall but want to temporarily display photos or children's art work? Japanese masking tape could be your newest friend.

I feel that Japanese masking tape is the craft supply for people who claim to be not-crafty. If you live here in Portland you can buy it at Collage on Alberta or Woodstock. If you live anywhere else, there are several shops that sell it on Etsy, including this one.

P.S. It's probably a little too late for this year, but I think washi tape would make a fabulous stocking stuffer. Let's remember that one for next year, ok?


wendy said...

Hmmm, not too late. I will put some in my stocking! That stuff looks RAD!

Mary A. Miller said...

I love the Christmas card! :)