24 December 2010

Last Minute Christmas

I've been reading blogs for the last two weeks about "last-minute Christmas" and I laugh. Last-minute Christmas does not kick in until TODAY. If you're like me, you're still putting the finishing touches on a few little gifts and you're still wrapping a few, and you're finally thinking about what you will cook or bake for Christmas day with your little family.

Here are just a few ideas if you're stuck (and some things for me to remember for next year):


Last minute gifts....magnets....any pretty paper or photo could go behind a glass slide or a glass marble--courtesy of not-martha.

Simple embellishments for kraft paper gift wrap from Hege Greenall-Scholtz.

Felt gift bows from Prudent Baby.

After the last-minute scrambling today, we're dressing the Sprout up in her Christmas duds, taking her to the Christmas Eve service at church and then to a friend's house for a small celebration. Tomorrow we'll open gifts, have a nice brunch and Skype with our family scattered across the country.

I'm wishing you a Christmas filled with moments of joy that remind you that you are loved (for after all, that is the real meaning of Christmas).


Amy Menges said...

Love the ideas, especially the kraft paper gift wrap. That blog post went into my file of ideas. I was sewing till late last night and still have a few presents to wrap, just baked the cookies- I'm with you, I'm always working right down to when I hear sleigh bells on the roof! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Mary A. Miller said...

Yes! I love the little magnets!