01 December 2010

Made: Advent Calendar

The Housemate and I decided to ignore the Black Friday craziness and instead have a Friday Crafternoon. A couple of our crafty friends came over and we all chatted and enjoyed each others company while we "made things".

I made an Advent Calendar. I've been wanting an Advent Calendar for a while and this seemed to be the year to get a tradition in place. The Sprout is old enough to get excited by little rituals but young enough that she won't remember if change things up and do it a little differently next year---working out the kinks.

In keeping with my desire for a simple, sacred Christmas, I wanted a simple, reusable calendar and I didn't want it to be filled with candy. Here's what I came up with:
It's off-white felt--not the crunchy craft felt but the slightly softer stuff that has some wool in it and is on sale right now at JoAnn's. I chose felt so I did not have to finish any of the edges. I kept being tempted to add flourishes, embroidery, something, anything. But I'm glad I kept it super simple and just wrote the numbers on with a fabric pen. I got it all done in one Friday Crafternoon.

Once you have an Advent Calendar, you have to figure out what to put in the pockets. I thought about buying little treats or stickers but I settled on this:

This is still a work in process so you only get a sneak peek of what's inside. The beauty of an Advent Calendar is that I only have to be ahead one day at a time. It's sort of a perfect project for someone like me who procrastinates until I have a deadline.

Do you want to see more?


If you're thinking about creating an Advent Calendar, there are ideas all over the craft blogs in the last couple of days. I particularly liked Blair's post over on Wise Craft that included links to some other great Advent Calendars like this one at the Purl Bee.


Michelle said...

I LOVE it Deb! Your little angel is cute as pie!

emily* said...

I attempted to *start* a similar advent calendar a few years ago. Never quite finished though and it was near as cute as your, I love it!

We had a day after Thanksgiving craft-tacular too, with a very very small crowd.

And the pumpkin french toast is on the menu for this weekend, but I will tell you that the pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Made are pretty much Amazing! In case you were thinking of trying them. :)

Lise said...

Wanted to do one last year; didn't get to it. Really wanted to do one this year--Lucy would love it! Didn't. (Yet?) I love yours. So smart to do it simple so you actually do it!

elle + josh said...

i love your advent calendar, too!

haha--you're like me! once i realized i only had to be ahead one day at a time (instead of coming up with 24 activities or gifts all at once) i was IN! which reminds me: must pick out tomorrow's activity!

amyjoy said...

I want to see more! Every year I want to make an Advent calendar, and every year it gets pushed aside. I keep telling myself that I have more time until Alex starts really "getting it," but I don't think I can use that excuse anymore! :) Thanks for the inspiration!