02 December 2010

Playing with the Porcelain Paint Pens

You know how the Housemate and I were playing with porcelain paint pens the other day? I had these pale gray plates that she rescued from Goodwill for me and I sat and looked at them for a couple of days with no idea about what I was going to put on on them. Eventually, I came up with some elaborate schemes but when I actually tried drawing them, they looked wretched.

The great thing about the porcelain paint pens is that you can wipe off your wretched first attempts and start over. Entirely. Over. And over. Again.

As I keep preaching to myself, Keep it Simple. So I quit trying to do anything fancy and made these little paper-chain-organic shapes. I'm happy with the results.



Remember these screen-printed dishtowels from last year? I still have that screen and I love love those leaves....maybe I'll make myself a set of cloth napkins....someday.


I'm not happy with having to take pictures in the low-light situations this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. I'm getting better at taking low-light pictures with no flash (big aperture, slow ISO, steady hands) but I think I should ask for a speed-lite flash and a diffuser for Christmas (Are you reading this, Wise and Bearded One?).


Keep it Simple.


Amy Menges said...

Envious! I really want to try screen printing. I need someone to take me by the hand and walk me through it. And the plate is adorable. I used some porcelain paint pens years ago when my kids were little. They'd draw on a plate freehand, then I'd give them as gifts to relatives, but I don't remember being able to get such a fine line with the ones we used? Do you mind sharing the brand you used? Thanks!

elle + josh said...

ooh! i just bought a speedlight last night! if you have a nikon, the sb-600 is now discontinued (but most stores still have them in stock), so you can find them for $200 less than the replacement flash. i'm just learning how to use mine, but i think it's gonna be lovely...