07 January 2011

Inspiring Bedrooms (or Finding Order in Chaos)

Our life is a bit chaotic right now. Last week the Wise and Bearded One's grandmother passed away. While we are sad for the hole she leaves in our lives, we rejoice that her desire to go home to be with Jesus was finally realized. We were able to rearrange our work schedules and spend several days in the Midwest with our wonderful family.

And now we are back trying to pick back up at our jobs in the middle of busy deadlines and while we were gone we had a guy refinishing our floors upstairs. We were hoping he would have it finished by the time we returned but he is still not finished. So we have tired people, upstairs "stuff" strewn everywhere, laundry from traveling, and toddler toys scattered all about our main living spaces. To top it off the Sprout has came down with a stomach virus and kept me pretty much glued to the couch holding her for a great deal of time today. From the couch I have an excellent view of all that is disorganized, messy, and out-of-control around our house right now. It's making me a little crazy. Many times today, I had to remind myself to breath and let it go.

Since I can control very little about the current reality, I will dream about how great the future master bedroom will be. We've been planning for quite awhile to shuffle some rooms around to make the house work better for us, and when the Housemate and the Little Housemate joined us we knew it had to happen sooner rather than later. One of the room shuffles is to empty out our upstairs office/workroom/studio (aka Craft Hell) and turn it into our master bedroom. It is much bigger than our current bedroom but has the disadvantage of being up a steep, creaky flight of stairs that make a middle-of-the-night bathroom trip a bit daunting. Now that the Sprout sleeps upstairs we see the advantage of sleeping closer to her so we won't have to climb up steep, creaky stairs in the middle of the night to comfort a crying toddler.

Anyhow, I've been collecting images and ideas for our master bedroom for a while. Here are some of them:

White + Wood + Graphic textiles = Happy Deb

I think these next two rooms look suitably masculine for my husband's taste. I love the lamps that pull out from the wall.

Clean-lined midcentury furniture and I love the vintage maps.

This room doesn't have my White + Wood formula but I think it's a good counterpoint to the above images for a bit more of a feminine flair with the yellow print pillows. I kept this one because I love the "&" pillow and the collection of personal art above the bed.

So I'm planning a master bedroom that will have:
--white walls
--wood floors, wood furniture
--graphic textiles
--meaningful art

I can't wait to start bringing some order out of this mess!


Brenda said...

We are building a new home and I decided on all white woodwork throughout the house with wood floors. It is fun to see your white bedroom! Those are great ideas!

Nathalie said...

So beautiful. I love the peace and serenity these rooms evoke. We just redid our bedroom this spring and given that I work nights now went more for the cocoon feel. One of these days I want something a little more light and airy.

Anonymous said...

I hope The Sprout is feeling better...and no one else has fallen prey.

Your images are lovely and sweet. I especially love the yellow pillows (I know that's not why you chose the image) and the colorful striped bench cover. My taste is a little more cottage like, but I still love clean lines and spare rooms. And linen!!! I love your linen background for your blog. Where did you find that? I promise not to steal.

and keep remembering to breathe...the mess will be gone soon enough...don't let it define you (like I sometimes do)