30 December 2010

The Project I Forgot to Blog


I was looking back through the year's worth of photos and I realized with chagrin that sometimes I do a project, take photos intending to blog about the project and then never actually write the blog entry. Some sorry sort of craft blogger I am!


My favorite completed project this year was this quilt. I blogged about it multiple times from its inception to completion. But I intended to blog about the Sprout's nursery in it's completed form with the quilt in place and that never happened. Perhaps I was waiting for a chance to take better photos. Perhaps I wasn't entirely happy with it and wanted to tweak it some more so I could enter it on some fancy-schmancy parenting website. Perhaps I just was tired and went to bed. I don't remember. But here it is now, sneaking in before the end of the year.


For the Sprout's nursery we took over half of the large, sunny south bedroom in our upstairs. Several years back I painted the walls a pale blue-green and all the old paneling a bright white, and we put random odds and ends of furniture up there and used it as our guest room. When I was pregnant with the Sprout I had no energy or motivation to repaint the room so it is still a blue room. Ideally, I would love to paint it all bright white. I feel like children's toys bring so much color and life to a room that I need to remove as much extraneous color as possible.

Color comes in through accessories too. Check out the lamp shade over the rocker. I scored it at this funky thrift store/junk store. It is covered in red postage stamps and black rick-rack. I sort of love it.


This chair was the only brand-new non-IKEA purchase in the room. It was not supposed to be pink. I ordered the "Lamb" colored rocking chair on an impulse from a website. Who would have known that "lamb" didn't mean soft white-grey-wool but pink fleshy leg-of-lamb?! Ugh. I got it on a major sale so I couldn't return it. Hence, we are stuck with a pink rocker. And have I mentioned here that I really hate pink?! The pale yellow afghan that my sister crocheted and the Heather Bailey Pop Garden pillow really help cut the pink for me.

I love the simple (and cheap!) crib from IKEA and I have a long-term love affair with the Expedit cube shelving units. They occur repeatedly in our house. To keep it all from looking too IKEA we brought in some original art, a few vintage toys, an old flokati rug from another room, and an ugly bedside table/drawer unit that I intended to paint a poppy bright color when I got around to it. Still hasn't happened.

The room has a vague bird theme. Um, so vague, that it probably only exists as a theme in my head. I love this little vignette--a Rachel Austin original painting, the Pigeon from Moe Willem's series of children's books, and this little owl from Chet and Dot that I picked up at Crafty Wonderland.


The weird part about blogging this nursery is that it does not currently exist. When we invited the Housemates to move in this fall, the guest room/nursery was the obvious room to give to them. So the Sprout moved out and is currently sleeping in our other upstairs bedroom that was our office/studio space but is in the works to become the master bedroom. And then we're going to play musical chairs trading rooms around the house and do a basement reno and eventually, someday, the plan is that the Sprout will get this room back as her own. Based on the rate in which we move around here, it could be a while.

I think that's why I wanted to blog this little nursery--it was a sweet corner of our world for a few months this year.

Here's to creating more sweet corners in our home in 2011.

Happy New Year!



Sarah said...

love the quilt!

Nathalie said...

So beautiful! I'm in process of composing an email to you to get some advice on our "nursery." (One wall in the office. Yep, we love our child). I'm having trouble getting images to copy over to gmail so maybe I'll just do a word document and look like a total ludite. (-:

Wish we could have seen you over Christmas! Silvie is growing much to fast.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt, Deb! Question for you on that IDEA crib - does the side not go down? If not, how on earth did your back handle it with the mattress so low to the ground? Uh oh, I'm probably showing my age on that one!

You continue to amaze me with your creativity. Let's plan to get together once you're back from Indiana and more settled (i.e., school) life returns.
Miss you!


Deb said...

The side does not go down on the IKEA crib but the actual "floor" of the crib has two different positions. When she was small she slept higher up in the crib and was easy to access. Once she started standing up in the crib we moved the bed down. She just stands up and reaches her arms up and I pick her up. Not a problem.