17 February 2011

DIY Light Fixtures

When we resume our never-ending home remodeling upstairs we're going to need to replace some lighting. While I was browsing the internets for bedroom inspiration earlier, I found these ideas for lighting fixtures that we could build ourselves (and save a LOT o' money).

Here are some light fixtures we could build for our bedroom and/or our stairwell:

--Lindsey Adelman's DIY Chandelier, Clamp Light and Mobile

--Instructable Bare Bulb Designer Light Fixture

--DIY Glass Bubble Chandelier

Hey, readers! Have any of you ever made a light fixture of your own or done anything remotely like this? I have almost zero experience with electrical projects. Am I insane to think I could make something like this?


Joy said...

Those are really great light fixtures, but I'm like you. I have no experience except for turning on and off a light switch. I'd have to leave this to the experts.
♥ Joy

Cottonista said...

Most ready-made lighting fixtures are so bland. I really like these. We've got a sad, sagging chandelier over our dining room table that I'd love to replace with something a little more unexpected. Keep us updated on your attempts! I have no doubt you could figure this out.

Rachel Austin said...

I too love this style of lamp and have thought about trying to make it! I think I saw a ReadyMade article on how to make your own not too long ago - you might look on their site. Or we'll just figure it out and make on for our next crafty get together. : )