15 February 2011

Home, Or How You Know You're Loved by a Very Quiet Man


Here's a little drawing for Rachel's February Art Challenge. Her theme for the month is "Home".


Valentine's Day passed with little fanfare in our household. The Wise and Bearded One absent-mindedly scheduled his root canal for Valentine's Day so he wasn't in a festive mood. Not one iota. We're not really the hearts and flowers kind of lovers anyway so it wasn't a huge loss. We usually cook a nice dinner together or go out on a (rare) date. We'll try to do that next weekend.

My husband is a very quiet man. The "still waters run deep" kind of guy. This used to drive me nuts (ok, I'll admit, sometimes it still drives me nuts). But I have come to appreciate his lack of verbosity. When he does say something you KNOW he means it. And when he doesn't say anything, his actions speak for him.

Here's how you know you are loved by a Very Quiet Man:
--He feeds the Sprout "cookies" (fig breakfast bars) every morning so that you can shower, dress, and put on make-up without interruption.
--He supports your career and your hobbies by freeing up time and space in your home so you can pursue them.
--He is your home "tech support" without complaint.
--He makes you a latte every morning and leaves it in a to-go cup in your car when he leaves for work.

Those acts, my friends, are bigger than any sappy "I love you" he could ever say. I am blessed to have him for my partner. And I am blessed to share a home with him.


I hesitate to post a Valentine's day post--even a late, non-romantic post like this one--as I know it is a tough day for many people in the midst of relationship difficulties or who are single but would love to have a Very Quiet Man of their own. I have had Valentine's Days that were not so happy myself so I want to be sensitive to that. But I keep this blog to record my life and this is my life right now. I hope and pray that each of my friends will find love and feel at home regardless of their "relationship status" on Facebook.

P.S. Karen said all this much more eloquently on her blog.


Marika said...

I can so relate to this post! While my husband isn't quite the Very Quiet Man yours is, he does many similar actions every day to show his love and I feel very lucky. But I also spent many, many years without that kind of love on Valentine's Day and I know first-hand that it can be a difficult day. I really appreciate your comments about being single (or in a difficult relationship) on V-day. I think about those friends every year on this day. Thanks for sharing!

cara. said...

your love is the reason i want and believe in love. you guys are great and it's an honor watching your interactions through real life. thanks for sharing this, deb.

Brenda said...

I love this post. This is real life. You are blessed. My hubby thinks Valentine's Day is just a Hallmark holiday. But I remind myself of a similar list and am grateful for a good, consistant, kind man that really does love me even though it is not in hearts and flowers.

Cottonista said...

This is a great post.