04 February 2011

Made: Custom Pillow Cases


So I've been looking for some bold, graphic elements to add to the bedroom, and bed linens seemed like a good place to start. But I already had a white duvet cover and brown quilt from the last version of our bedroom, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on bedding. So it was time for some sewing.

I had some green velveteen from a recent trip to Fabric Depot to cover our "reading" pillows. And I was hoping to find something bold, graphic/geometric, with some ochre yellow and mossy green to cover our sleeping pillows. I didn't have a lot of time to shop so I made a quick trip to my closest, favorite fabric store--Cool Cottons on Hawthorne, for you local readers. I'm constantly amazed how this little store has such a fabulous collection of fabric. Despite the fabulous collection of fabric, I didn't really find what I was looking for. But I did find this.

I fell in love with Alexander Henry Matisse "Joy of Life" fabric. It's bold. It has mossy green and ochre yellow in it. And brown. And red and grey and pink and turquoise.

I brought it home and followed a tutorial for sewing a pillowcase. The Hot Dog Pillow Case to be exact. And let's just admit that's an embarrassing name worth a few snickers. I'll wait a bit for you to quit snickering. It's a terrible name but a great way to make a pillow case.

Now the pillows are finished and on our bed and I'll have to admit, I'm not in love with them. They seem a little too busy and maybe too colorful for me. So I'm putting it out there for you all. What do you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Should they stay or should they go? Please comment below!


This picture is a quick, low light shot from earlier this week. I'm hoping to get some good photos of the room this weekend during daylight to post. Unfortunately this morning I brought a sick little girl into bed with me and she promptly puked all over the bed linens. And so the bed linens are in the wash, the Sprout is sick and sad, and I have bigger concerns than styling a "photo shoot". If you are a pray-er, your prayer for her body to heal itself quickly would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Lise said...

I think they look great! Busy and colorful works fine with the calm rest of your bed linens.

Hope Sprout's better soon!

amy said...

I think I like it! If the rest of the room were busy, then no, but it works well.

Hugs to the Sprout! I have a sick little girl, too...

Anonymous said...

OH NO!! Not more puking!!! I'm so sorry. It's so hard when they are little. They just seem to get every little thing no matter what you do. Prayers for quick healing.

I'm reserving judgment on the pillows until I see more. I actually think they can work if they have some other smaller,solid pillows in front of them to diffuse the boldness. I really like the fabric, but I think I'd feel the same way you do. I'm a little unsure about them all alone.

Cottonista said...

You did a great job on the pillows, and I like them a lot, but they somehow don't seem very Deb. My eyes are drawn mostly to the pink--or shall we call it LAMB?
( :

Kris said...

I think I'm liking the idea of other pillows in front to tone down the busy. I mostly like them...I can't quite figure out what I don't like about them. Let them grow on you for a bit. :) I'm definitely praying for Silvie...yuck! and scary to have a sick kid.

Marika said...

I LOVE the pillows!

Chrissy said...
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Chrissy said...

I am always reading Deb! I am sure you know that I got a good laugh about the pattern title for your pillow case. I am loving the bedroom remodel :)

Give Silvie kisses from us!