09 March 2011

The Sprout Turns 2!! Part 1

It's hard to believe but my beloved daughter turned two this week. It seems such a short period of time since she was just a baby. And now she is a long-legged, long-haired little girl with her own intense opinions and interests.

I spent most of my spare moments the last two weeks planning and preparing for a little birthday party for some of our two and three-year-old friends.

The first task was choosing a theme. Every party needs a theme, right? I know that in just another short period of time, the Sprout will be requesting a Pink Princess Party or a Purple Fairy Party, and I’ll have to figure out how to meet her desires without sacrificing my own beliefs in strong women and clean, crisp design. But in the meantime, I have full creative control (Bwah-ha-ha!).

I took my inspiration from Portland and from the Sprout. One of her favorite activities the last few months has been to wear her rain boots and stump through the puddles. Fortunately, the Pacific Northwest provides a sufficient amount of puddles for stumping in!!! So "rain" became the theme.

Here are the party invitations (with all personally-identifiable information kindly erased by the Wise and Bearded One). They ended up looking slightly more Elementary School Art Project than I intended but I am proud of the fact that I used up some of my considerable stash of paper supplies to make them.


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Lise said...

The invitations look great!

I'm still in shock over how "old" my own 2-year-old suddenly seems.