06 March 2011

Sunday Photos

Breakfast at Toast, our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

This is called "Go Home Thomas". I don't know why.

Biscuits and gravy and eggs over easy

The car had a flat tire when we came out of the restaurant so we walked home and the Wise and Bearded One went back with our other car and an air compressor.

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Mary A. Miller said...

Aww, love these! I have spring envy.

Grandma Rose said...

Does Silvie have little braids? Looks so cute! Sorry about the tire!

Deb said...

Mom, I think I just had her hair pulled back in one ponytail. It is so long these days.

MAM,it was an almost spring-like day!

Anonymous said...

In Goshen the store sells Thomas brand English muffins , maybe that's where thomas came from but the Go, home is a ?. joy