06 April 2011

Quilts for Quake Survivors, Part 2

Here are a few (poor, Iphone) photos that I wanted to share from the Quilts for Quake Survivors sewing night at Cool Cottons this week. There were just six women sewing away, ironing, and laying out quilt designs. The generous ladies from Cool Cottons donated their demonstration squares from their Block of the Month patchwork classes. Linda and Denise sewed white sashing to join those together to make two gorgeous full-size quilt tops.

Denise must be a serious quilter because she brought in a bunch of pre-made squares that I got to sew together into a charming crib quilt. Another sewist brought in a half-completed kids quilt top and finished stitching it up. And there was a fifth quilt top in progress when we quit.

Four quilt tops in two hours is good progress in my book! There are additional quilting parties coming up so if you're a local sewer, please come on down. Really you only have to sew a straight line.


The hum of sewing machines running and the murmur of women chatting makes me happy. I think it's nostalgia for all the women's church sewing circles and my great-aunt's quiltings that I remember from childhood. Mostly I remember running around with my friends and cousins and then collapsing on the floor under the middle of the quilt when I was tired. I loved looking up through a quilt in frame.

Does anyone else have memories of women gathering together to craft that you experienced as a child? Do you think that influences your interests in art/craft today?


painting lessons said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Mary A. Miller said...

These are lovely! Wish I WAS a local sewer.

My memories go to "quilting", and sewing circles. And, my Grandma Hochstetler, who pieced hundreds of quilts in her lifetime. And, I was going to just like her when I grew up. Yeah, right!