12 April 2011

Our Housemate: Rising Blog-Star

My Housemate, Cara, is one amazing woman. I can say that honestly having lived in close quarters with her for six months. She has a dramatic and difficult personal story, struggles daily with the challenges of single motherhood, yet finds moments of joy in every day. Her blog, Hide & Seek, is her collection of bits of beauty she's gleaned from life (and the internet)---music, movies, artists, and her own reflections.

Recently she guest-posted on Team Boo where she talked about the challenges of being a single mom and how the rest of us can help single mothers. I highly recommend you click on this link and read what Cara has to say.

1 comment:

cara. said...

this caught me off guard. you are such an encouragement to me, deb. thanks so much for your support. <3