13 April 2011

Scary-Bright Ball in Sky Will Go Away

The Oregonian is generally a rather staid institution (in fact, I've heard it referred to as the Bore-gonian), but even they couldn't resist a bit of mirth when we had sunshine for a whole day last week. I thought readers who don't live in the Great Grey that is Portland, Oregon would get a kick out of this front-page newspaper heading last week.


Unfortunately the heading was only too true. We had a few hours of chilly sunshine Saturday morning to get in some gardening before the rain and the clouds rolled back in. At least all that rain is good for something: luscious spring flowers!





Holli said...


And Gorgeous photos, as always, Deb.

PS I see you read or are reading Little Bee. I'm nearly done and really loving it.

Miss Prickly said...

HAHA - I don't get the Oregonian so I didn't see that. I keep hoping that this cold, wet spring will make for a pretty summer!

Mary A. Miller said...

Funny! Dave says he's afraid OR would be too cloudy and rainy for him. :(

Love the flowers!