20 May 2011

Re-Post: Obsession with Quilts #4

I joined the Portland Modern Quilt Guild this month! To celebrate I am re-posting a series of posts about how I came to my love of quilts. If you are a long-time reader of this blog (hi, mom and mom-in-law) you have my permission to skip these posts.


Originally posted 13 March 2007:

First Quilt

I posted earlier about the little crib quilt that I pieced for my baby sister when I was 8 years old. My mom read the post, and last week an unmarked package arrived in the mail with this inside. (Thanks, Mom!)

Although I probably wouldn't pick mint green and pale pink as my favorite colors today, I do still think the prints are sweet and appropriate for a baby girl. The quilt's held up remarkably well. It is (clears throat) 25 years old and still feels soft and snuggly. Sis, I made it all for you :)

I wonder if other people have a "first project" that they can think back to--a first photo taken, a drawing, a cake decorated, a story written.

What was your "first project" and how did it turn out?


Mom Shirk said...

Surprise! I didn't send it!

Mary A. Miller said...

I may have read your quilt posts before, but I am enjoying them a LOT the second time. I see the artist in you in your love of quilts, even from a young age. I also love quilts, but have unfortunately never developed my desire to be like my Grandma H., who pieced hundreds of quilts in her lifetime. -mom-in-law :)

Anonymous said...

I've been loving your posts on quilts. It's so warm and reassuring to hear your memories of our Grandmas.

So, who did send the quilt? It wasn't me...

Btw, I'm 29... :)
love you - sis or Kris, depending