02 May 2011

Sunday Photos

We took a quick trip to Seattle Saturday and Sunday. Basically I needed to get out of town for a day, clear my head, unwind. We got to spend a little time with some friends and got a little sunshine.

My favorite moment occurred after we got home. The Sprout had seen her little friends with "blow flowers" (dandelions) but she couldn't quite figure out the technique herself. So the Wise and Bearded One knelt down in the weeds with her and blew with her. She was delighted.

I love these two. (Yes, that means you too, Wise and Bearded One. Even when you're in a funk.)

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Melanie said...

Thanks for this blog post. (Especially the funk comment... how true this is of relationships!)

design elements said...

lovely images! I have 2 young boys :-) greetings from Germany