29 July 2011

Summer Vacation Photos, Part 5 (and last)

The Wise and Bearded One and I had wanted to see the Canyon de Chelly cliff dwellings so we talked the whole doggone family into trekking down into that canyon with us. It was an adventure. Not so much because of the cliff dwellings, but due to the HOT hike and hauling 3 toddlers in backpacks and keeping track of a passel of kids in a somewhat treacherous landscape. I think we were all glad we did the hike but even more glad when we were finished. Although not a fan of McDonald's, I have never cherished a McDonald's burger and fries so much in my entire life as I did the meal immediately after our hike. Every calorie was welcomed by my weary body.









After a week in the heat of Arizona, which included sleeping on an air mattress on the hard church floor and a severe allergy attack for me, we were happy to head back to our cool green Portland. But I am so glad we had such good family time. And I am so glad the Sprout got to know all of her uncles and aunts and cousins. And, last but INFINITELY not least, I am so glad I got my dose of vitamin D that is in short supply this year in Oregon. Thank you, Arizona sunshine, for that!

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