23 August 2011

Light, Bright Living Room, Part 2

As promised in yesterday's post, here is the "before" photo:


Christmas 2010

Or a more accurate "before" picture might be these taken on a laundry day in June:



Yeah, it really does get that bad around here sometimes!

What you can't see in these photos is the part of the previous paint job that was driving me the most insane! In a misguided belief that we would one day install crown molding, we never painted the gold color up to the top of the wall. This left about two inches of jagged white primer showing. It was driving me loco! That and the laundry and the kids' toys everywhere and the oversize Weimaraner underfoot. Loco enough to clear the room out and repaint the walls.




Come back tomorrow for photos of the completed project. Or, the as-completed-as-it-is-going-to-get-now-that-school-is-starting-up-again project.


wendy said...

I'm curious-- I know there are like, 5 million whites. Which one did you go with?

Deb said...

Ah hah! Wait and see!

wendy said...

ok, fine ;) The thing that's really going to make this Scandinavian thing work for you is all that beautiful light coming thru the windows [*jealous!*]