28 October 2011

Not-A-Fashion-Blog Friday: Already Pretty

Although I would never claim to know a lot about fashion, I read a lot of fashion blogs and think about body image, apparel, and personal style on a daily basis.  Occasionally on Fridays I highlight something "fashionable" that's caught my attention.


Already Pretty is Sally McGraw's style and body image blog.  I've been reading it for well over a year, and, while I don't dress anything like Sal, I've come to appreciate her daring personal style (she'll try just about any color combination!) and her call to other women to quit judging ourselves and each other on our looks.  It's  quite a trick to have a blog about how you look and your personal style, while at the same time extending grace to women of all shapes, styles and persuasions.  Sally does it.

I've found her blog entries on developing personal style to be some of the most helpful.  Plus I enjoy seeing Sally try out different combinations of shapes and colors of clothing every week and I am inspired to try new combinations of my own.

Here are some of my favorite entries.
-Style Evolves
-Intermediate Style
-Organize Your Wardrobe, Hone Your Style

And, if Sally is not your cup of tea, her weekly "Lovely Links" may guide you to another thoughtful fashion blogger who is.


I'd love some feedback on this.  Is personal style/fashion a topic you're interested in?  Do you read any personal style/fashion blogs that you recommend?  And if you're not interested, let me know that too.  Hey, I know some of you are just here to see pictures of the Sprout! :)

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amy said...

I think it's interesting! I could certainly learn how to develop a solid sense of style!