01 November 2011

Two Little Princesses




True confessions:  I'm a Halloween grinch.  I just don't get it....I don't like creepy, spooky things and I don't want my child consuming piles of candy so....I'm a Halloween grinch.

But when you have two little girls in your house who love to dress up, it's hard to stay grinch-like for long.   One can not resist the urge to dress them up and take their photos.  Oh, and let them knock on the neighbor's door and get a couple of pieces of candy for being so cute.


P.S. Being the changeable beasts that two year olds are, after these photos were taken they immediately transformed into a unicorn (the Sprout) and a chicken (the little housemate). 

P.P.S.  Thank you, oh hand-me-down boxes, for the princess play clothes.  And thank you, Fairy Godmother and Honorary Auntie Amy, for the perfect princess tiaras!

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