09 November 2011

A Convergence of Good Things

This post goes out to the Portland readers!  Next week we're a very lucky city with three fabulous events all happening on one night.  Why does it always happen this way?  Nothing that calls to me for weeks on end, and then--bam!--all the good things happen at one time.

Thursday November 17

1. Lucinda Williams at the Crystal Ballroom
     One of my favorite nitty-gritty singers, songwriters and poets comes to town.

2.  Over the Rhine at the Aladdin Theater
     The Midwestern band that I have followed for almost twenty years in one of the coziest venues.

3. The Colette Sewing Handbook Launch Party
     Our local "celebrity" pattern designer and sew-ist, Sarai Mitnick, throws a party that would be worth donning a vintage frock to attend.  If you're not a Portlander, you should check out her website and blog here.

Where am I going?  To Over the Rhine, of course.  Lynford Detwiler and Karin Berquist have provided the soundtrack to my life and my love for so many years.  Their intelligent lyrics, dedication to lifelong flings, and music inspired by the American patchwork quilt of music--gospel hymns, blues, old time country and rock and roll--appeal to me even more today than they did when I was nineteen.  Their songs feed my soul.
Here's one of my current favorites:

All My Favorite People

All my favorite people are broken
Believe me
My heart should know

Some prayers are better left unspoken
I just wanna hold you
And let the rest go

All my friends are part saint and part sinner
We lean on each other
Try to rise above

We’re not afraid to admit we’re all still beginners
We’re all late bloomers
When it comes to love

All my favorite people are broken
Believe me
My heart should know

Orphaned believers, skeptical dreamers
Step forward
You can stay right here
You don’t have to go

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