04 November 2011

Not-A-Fashion-Blog Friday: You Look Fab

Although I would never claim to know a lot about fashion, I read a lot of fashion blogs and think about body image, apparel, and personal style on a daily basis.  Occasionally on Fridays I highlight something "fashionable" that's caught my attention.


One of my favorite fashion bloggers is Angie from You Look Fab.  Her short hair and sharp, minimalist style appeal to me and she's based out of Seattle so she gets the Great Grey that is the Pacific Northwest for too many months out of the year.  While she isn't my body type, she is among the few fashion bloggers who are well out of their twenties and have a more mature fashion sensibility.

While her personal style appeals to me, I like other features of her site as well.  She partners with Nordstrom and highlights good clothes that I could actually buy (on the half yearly sales).  She weeds through the trends and recommends which ones are actually wearable, by whom, and how to style them.  And then there's  a forum where women post outfit photos of themselves and ask each other for help.  Don't you sometimes wish you could have someone give you an honest critique of what you're wearing?  I haven't tried it, but apparently if you send your photo to the forum, you'll get it.

Most of all, I love her Mom-On-The-Go Flop Proof formulas.  For you mama-readers (and you know who you are, my dears) who have talked to me about wanting to look a bit more polished than a tee shirt and yoga pants, I give you Angie's formulas.

For example this is Fall Formula #1:

Jeans + embellished / graphic T + new look cardigan + ballet flats
Here's an artsy take and a more refined/modern version of the same formula.

Here's my personal weekend favorite:
Skinny jeans + long sleeved T + scarf + tall boots

Did that get your attention?  To see links to all the Flop-Proof Formulas, click here.

And if you want a little personal style exercise, read Five Adjectives to Define Your Style  and the comments following the post. 

Here are my five adjectives:
clean-lined, modern, bold, practical, creative

Hmmm....still needs some work....

Your turn.  How 'bout you take a stab at it in the comments section below?!

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