05 January 2012

New Year Buzz

Wow! This new year is buzzing along already. I started off the new year with a Sunday Crafternoon with a few creative women: the talented Rachel Austin, the uber-crafty Emily Flippin Maruna, and my dear friend Stacey Sholes. Emily and I had never met before, but I read her blog and knew she lived close by so I invited her on a whim. It was a good whim.

We spent most of the afternoon folding these map paper globes garlands inspired by Pinterest. They turned out really sweet and I'm going to hang a banner of them in the Sprouts room. You can see Emily's version on her blog.

Normal school schedule resumed on Tuesday and we are right back in the thick of the semester. I'm trying hard to maintain a bit of Christmas in my heart in the midst of the daily buzz. I hope you are too.

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