08 January 2012

Sunday Photos: Family Photos in the Park

Although we tramped around the park today, these photos are from last weekend.  Our talented photographer-friend, Roger J. Porter, met us in our favorite park, and took some family photos for us. 

Although the rainy weather sometimes gets to me, it has one huge redeeming value--the multitude of greens.  Roger captured the beauty of hiking in the woods on a rainy, winter day.  Of course, Mt. Tabor is always, always beautiful, and one of my favorite places to take photos.

untitled-4 untitled-7  untitled-10 untitled-22 

Check out Roger's Etsy site here.  He has five kids and a job to pay the bills, but the heart of an artist.  If you live in Portland, I recommend him for professional, reasonably priced photo sessions, weddings, etc. 

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