16 January 2012

Walking in the Woods on a Snowy Day

I don't miss living in snow, but I do miss playing in it.  I've been wanting to share the joy of snow with the Sprout this winter.  All week, Portlanders were abuzz with rumors of snow.  But seven years here have taught me to be skeptical of our chances of getting any REAL snow in Portland.  So we headed up the mountain on Sunday to get our snow fix.

We didn't go any further than the ranger station in Zigzag because we didn't want to chain up, but that was just far enough to get into 5 or 6 inches of fresh, beautifully-packable snow.  The Sprout's been battling a cold this week so we didn't want to overtire her.  An hour was just right for tromping around in the woods, making snow angels, snowball fights and eating plenty of snow (mostly that was on the Sprout's behalf, but I'll admit to always having to take a bite or two myself).   

As we drove down Mt. Hood back to our own cozy house, the snow kept falling.  We ended up with a light dusting of snow in our own yard too while we took our afternoon naps.  Perfect Sunday.

all photos taken with Canon Rebel xTi, 50mm 1.8 lens,

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