09 January 2012

Made: Christmas Gifts

I made a few handmade gifts this Christmas, and I thought I'd share now that the giving has been accomplished. In the rush to get gifts shipped, I didn't snap many pictures so some of these photos are from my inspiration sites.

Photo from H is for Handmade
--Infinity Scarves:
When I saw this photo on Pinterest and read H is for Handmade's tutorial, I knew I had to make a few infinity scarves for my sister-in-laws and nieces. They were dead easy, and I really like how they turned out when made with soft flannels. I need to make a few more to keep. A scarf is a great way for me to layer at work as I move between schools with a variety of heating issues.
Photo from Saltwater Kids

--Indoor Camping Kit
Girls are easy to make gifts for but often my little nephews get less in the homemade gift category.  This year I was determined that at least a few of them would get a homemade gift.  I was inspired by Saltwater Kids fort kit, but took a few liberties to design my own Indoor Camping Kit using a bag we had laying around the house, some cheap IKEA sheets and a bunch of supplies from the hardware store and the dollar store.  The Wise and Bearded One even designed a logo for the bag.  I hope they are having fun with it because I had fun making it.


--Sparkly Play Dough:
Play Dough has become my go-to gift for the under-5 set.  It's easy to make, the Sprout can help a little, and I'm always pleased with the results.  This time around we used two packs of Kool-Aid in each batch for color and scent, and at the end we added glitter to make the Play Dough extra Christmas-y.

made: laundry soap

--Laundry Soap
Over the holidays I renewed our homemade laundry soap supply.  I decided to share some of it with a few family members that I thought are pragmatic enough not to scoff at a Christmas gift of laundry soap :)  My basic recipe is here although lately I've been using Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap and no essential oils since there is already peppermint in the soap.


--A back quiver and arm guard
Last, but not least, is this odd little gift that didn't get finished until after Christmas.  My sister let me know that my nephew was getting a bow and arrows for Christmas and would really like a back quiver and an arm guard.  I, honestly, had no idea what I was doing but a little Googling is a dangerous thing.  I found an army green purse at Goodwill that I demolished for parts.  I handstitched all the faux-leather pieces because I was afraid to put them through my machine.  I even had enough left over for a matching wallet.  I have no idea if this quiver and arm guard actually work....I fear the quiver may be too short.  Next time I think I'll just order him something from Cabella's :)

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