30 May 2012

Favorite Things: Anthology Magazine

Last week, I posted about my new favorite magazine, Kinfolk.  This week, I'm posting about my tried and true love, Anthology: Living with Substance and Style.  While Kinfolk nudges one toward a quiet, austere asthetic, Anthology indulges in wildly divergent styles of homes.  Each home tells the story of the home owner's life experiences, interests and personal style.

While I love me some clean white modern styling, real life is messier than that.  Real homes are welcoming because there is an embrace of the messiness of life, of well-traveled objects, of furnishings collected over the years.  Anthology inspires me to hang a really crazy piece of art, paint a worn piece of furniture and unexpected color and embrace the chaos of a household that contains three adults, two toddlers, and two naughty dogs.

There are three more weeks left of school around here.  My job is a little hectic trying to jam in all the things that need to be done, but my head is dreaming of tackling a fun house project this summer.  While my house will never be featured in a design magazine. But, if I have my way, it will continue to look more and more like OUR house that tells OUR story and where we feel most ourselves.

Question: I used to read a lot of shelter magazines but most of them bit the dust.  I'm still looking for some print magazines or blogs that inspire.  Any suggestions?

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