02 August 2006

Flirty Skirts

So on my First Day of Freedom (after all the manditory things I had to do this summer), I went shopping on NE Alberta. I didn't take the time to explore all the little shops but went straight to two shops I'd eyed before: Collage and Bolt. Collage is an arts-n-crafts supply store. I bought some supplies to make more jewelry charms and I signed up for an encaustics class later in August.

Bolt is the cutest fabric store I've ever been in. I had stopped by once before when I was with the Wise and Bearded One but he has an irrational, deeply-ingrained childhood fear and loathing of fabric stores so I couldn't truly explore it with him in tow. This time I could admire the well-edited collection of funky fabrics beautifully displayed. It was hard narrowing my selections down to three, but I did--a green and chocolate Denyse Schmidt print, a Mocca plum floral, and a classic black and white French-inspired pring. I intend to crank out three flirty little skirts for the rest of the summer that might even be appropriate to wear to school.

Oh, and did I mention that I love picking out fabrics and cutting out patterns but I really hate sewing!

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Ryan L Freed said...

very cute! just do it.