10 November 2006

Work in Progress

One of the goals of this blog-on-the-side is for me to track my creative projects and ideas. I've been sidetracked the last couple of months with the beginning of the school year and the volleyball season, but now I'm determined to get back to being creative because it feeds my soul.

There are lots of unfinished projects at my house. I like that a lot of other craft blogs call their unfinished messes "work in progress". It sounds a lot more hopeful.

So here's my current work in progress. I bought this great chocolate and turqoise fabric at the Pine Needle in Lake Oswego to reward myself for getting throught the first week of school. And I bought Amy Butler's Covington Bag pattern. It has languished in the studio ever since. Originally, I thought it would be a good teacher bag but once I cut it out, I think it will actually be too small.

Nonetheless, I am determined to get it sewed up this weekend. I have other projects that I want to do so I need to get the sewing projects out of the way so I can put away the sewing machine and make space. Is there anyone else out there in the blogosphere who MUST create to feed their souls? What works do you have in progress?


Ryan L Freed said...

Cute bag. I can't wait to see what it looks like! Do I have to be creative? Hmmm...I do feel totally energized now that I have a blog. It seems to function as my creative outlet or my place to spout off or whatever. It is therapy to me.


Anonymous said...

You inspire me with all of your projects! I also, must create, which is why I believe cooking is such an outlet to me. I can experiment and change things as I want and feeding little mouths is a necessity these days... I also have lots of projects that are on-going. Currently I am trying to catch up on scrapbooking and I have a cross stich project that I'd love to get out and work on.

Deb said...

Sarah, I love seeing your creativity with cooking. I am trying to be more creative. This morning I made pumpkin and chocolate chip pancakes. You would be proud of me.

Sis Kris, I'm loving reading your blog. I miss you and it feels like one more little way to stay connected.

Kris said...

I,too, enjoy being creative, but I find I have to be creative about being creative these days. How do you like that?!

Scrapbooking is currently an outlet for me. I also have enjoyed sewing projects in the past - baby sling, stockings, a couple of piece quilts, baby blankets, etc. I'd really enjoy taking a sewing project up again... I just need to pick something and set aside the time.

I enjoyed refinishing an old dresser a year or so ago. I have another dresser that I think would be fun to paint cutesy or funky sometime.