18 January 2007

Snow Day Shoulder Bag

Well it's snow day #3 here in the Miller household. I was happily sewing and cleaning and working away on MLK day and snow day #1. But, on snow day #2, I ran out of my favorite chocolate brown thread. That slammed the brakes on progress on Sarah's Art Quilt and Kris' Mommy Bag because I want to top stitch in brown on both of them.

So, I put my other projects to the side and used some fabric leftover from some other projects to make this shoulder bag from Tiny Happy. I lined it with my favorite green color in one of the Flea Market Fancy fabrics from Denyse Schmidt (my current girl crush). The middle stripe is from the fabric for my sister's bag and the turquoise/chocolate is leftover from the Christmas bag making frenzy.

I think it turned out pretty cute but I'm not sure about the functionality of it. It's sort of floppy and just falls over even though I went back in and lined it with fusable interfacing. I also put three pockets in the interior since I hate it when I can't find my cell phone and my keys.

I'm thinking about trying to make some bags to sell. I need to recoup some of the money I'm spending on fabric :)

Women readers, what do you look for in a handbag? What size do you prefer (small, medium, large)? What do you look for when you're buying a bag? What's would you consider paying for a well-constructed, handmade bag? Please comment and help me do a little "market research".



Kris said...

oooo...you should make something for mom. She always carries around those hideous purses. I know she likes lots of pockets and she also likes lots of room, though I think she sometimes wishes her purse wasn't so big.

Kris said...

See I'm one of those women who love accessories so I like all kinds of options when it comes to a bag... I just can't afford everything I want!!

When it comes to the small purse, this is most practical for me on nice, dressy occasions. So I like to to be formal looking - less trendy. The medium-size bag is good for when I'm doing my usual everyday stuff. I just need to hold my wallet, cell, checkbook, tissues, etc. I like something fun, trendy, seasonal. And pockets are very important. It's nice to have at least one that zips for personal items (okay, tampons) and at least one open one for the cell.

The big bag is best for me when I'm going to be away for several hours or more. I bought a big zag bag at Sarah's party and love that I can throw just about anything in there... including junk for the kids. It's great too because the inner liner has pockets all around.

I do like sturdy and easy to wash. Hope this was helpful...

Kris said...

Forgot to say, by the way, that I love checking out the things you have created. It is both impressive and inspiring!!

Lisa said...

I look for lots of well-organized space--i.e. big enough to contain all the essentials plus a couple of books or some baby-related stuff, but NOT a cavernous hole where everything gets lost at the bottom. For me that means lots of pockets or dividers. And I agree with Kris--one must be zippered.