26 October 2009

Another Lazy Day's Skirt

Originally uploaded by ndmiller
I feel like I never have time to be creative anymore, but then, here and there, I find a minute or two and a bit of inspiration and something comes of it. The Sprout had a red onesy and some black leggings and it was just begging for a little skirt. So one night after she went to bed I cranked one out in less than an hour. No pattern. Just the memory of making a few Lazy Day's skirts. Little people clothes are so forgiving...especially those with elastic waists. I sure hope I have more to share here or I'm going to lose the loyal few "followers" that I have!

Here's hoping you're using YOUR creativity!


Kelly said...

Aww so sweet!

Brenda said...

Darling! Such a cute little model, too.

Holli said...

Oh!!!! Darling skirt and model! She looks so proud in both shots!