30 September 2009

End of Summer

Summer has officially ended, so I thought I'd look back at my summer goals and see how I've done.

Here's what I'd LIKE to get done this summer:
--re-pot all the houseplants DONE
--paint the dining room back to a warm white DONE
--patch and paint the trim in the living room
FAIL--fall project?
--make the obligatory doctor, dentist, vet appointments for all the members of the household DONE
--exercise every day--walk, bike, or yoga I'd give myself a 50% on this
--spend some time in meditation and prayer every day same as the exercise goal
--stay on top of the laundry EVERY day DONE, I did more loads of laundry this summer than I have over the total of my entire life up until now.
--relax for a weekend at the coast DONE---Well, actually a couple of day trips, not a whole weekend
--get to know the other mamas in my neighborhood so we can network about baby-friendly activities and hang out in general DONE
--sew.....skirts for me, clothes for the Sprout, "Maker" items for my facebook friends Not done--fall project
--finish Sprout's baby quilt Not done--fall project
--paint or draw...just get some marks on paper for once instead of thinking about it FAIL
--take a class: either photography/Photoshop, painting, or machine quilting FAIL, unrealistic goal
--visit the family in Indiana in August DONE
--repaint the lawn chairs FAIL
--gather and preserve some local food: blueberries, peaches (?), apples, etc. so the Sprout has food to eat this winter when she starts into the Real Food In progress, froze some blueberries and hope to make applesauce sometime in October
--spend some quality time with my female friends Not enough, must do more of this!

I'm fine with my progress, even though I wish I would have had more time and energy for art and craft. I have been working on enjoying my time being the Sprout's mama and reminding myself that I am pouring a lot of my creative energy into raising her as a strong, healthy, curious woman.



heather jane said...

I'm impressed! Just getting the "mama" job done is excellent. She's so lovely.

heather said...

I'm impressed too! It's good to keep the goals small when raising small children. :) I'm sure such a contrast to what the last 10 years of your life had been. Man is that little girl a cutie!!