29 December 2010

In-Between Times


We had such a nice Christmas day here in Portland with the Wise and Bearded One, the Sprout, the Housemate and the Little Housemate. Oh, and Keegan and Abraham (above) do not want to be left out. It was double the fun with two toddlers. And, let's just admit, I'm using the word "fun" rather loosely. Some of the "fun" involves breaking up fights between the two of them.


I'll confess that I didn't make very many gifts this year. Part of my enjoyment of Christmas was X'ing a whole lot of projects off my to do list. I did a pretty good job of living out my Christmas Manifesto as a result. The handmade gift that was a hit came from my mom. She used pictures I'd taken of the Sprout in all sorts of different shoes and wrote a book about a little girl who loved shoes. The Sprout can't get enough of it.


This time between Christmas and Epiphany is usually one of my favorite times of the year. I'm one of those folks who wants to have all TWELVE days of Christmas, not just one big celebratory day and a bunch of let-down afterward. I want to be snuggled up at home with family, new books, movies, and toys. I want to eat fabulous food and I want to shop the post-Christmas sales on-line without moving from my couch. And since I work with the school year calendar, I do have two weeks of vacation. It's a good time to catch up--both on fun things (playing with the toddler, lunch with friends, thinking about making things) and not so fun things (laundry, reorganizing, cleaning neglected areas).

This year we're in a bit of a holding pattern. Nate's grandmother is journeying through the valley of the shadow of death in the Midwest, and we are praying and waiting here in the Pacific Northwest. Praying for her to go gently and peacefully. She is ready to go and the family is ready to let her go but her body is still holding on by a thin thread. Waiting for the news that she has passed from this life to the next before we purchase plane tickets, pack our bags, and rearrange our lives for a few days. I'm hesitant to start any big projects.

So I will relax, enjoy my warm home, my comfy couch, and my laptop in these in-between times. I hope you are enjoying your in-between times too.

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