17 January 2011

Bedroom Mood Board

Well, I thought January was going to be the Month of the House and there would be lots of blogging about the projects we have going on around here. I may be wrong. They've taken a toll, these latter days. First we had the quick trip back to Indiana for a funeral. Then there was the stomach flu followed in rapid succession by a nasty head cold. All while we were having the floors refinished in our upstairs so the whole house was in disarray.

Finally, this weekend we all were feeling better and we were able to put most of our house back to rights. I can't wait to show you our new master bedroom. It's not done yet, but it is most definitely in progress.

Here's a bit of a mood board. We're mostly using things we already own, such as:
--the walnut and cherry bed and dresser we bought a few years back
--the flokati rug that is currently in storage because our dogs liked it a little too much when it was in the living room and started gnawing on it
--white and brown bed linens from our current bedroom
--the awesome Mobler "Falcon" chair we scored off of Craigslist

To that I'm adding:
--a lot of white
--the Ashley G print I bought for our 15th anniversary last month as well as some other small pieces of art of we've collected but not had on display
--our new Lemnos clock from Canoe
--a live edge coat rack from the Joinery
--a terrarium, just because I'm in love with them

I'm still trying to figure out how to add in a little color, some sharp graphics and MORE STORAGE. I'm particularly looking for (affordable) small chests of drawers that could function as bedside tables and some graphic print pillows. The fabric swatches on the mood board could still change.

So, blogger-friends, tell me what you think. What's working? What isn't? What recommendations do you have? Have I stayed true to my inspiration rooms? Do tell.


wendy said...

I have no business giving you advise in this area...but ooo, I love that extending lamp, and ochre is really catching my eye these days. Goes well with wood and good feelings, I think.

Amy said...

OHemmgee, when did you get Ashley G to make a portrait of you and Nate?

kate so said...

Looking good. I love the idea of BIG graphic art above your bed...taken from your inspiration room shots. And maybe add a little more texture. The flokati is awesome (my mom has two I hope to inherit someday). But I'm thinking adding something rougher...baskets? I'm seeing small dressers as nightstands more and more. Genius storage solution. Love the color pallet.

Deb said...

Thanks for the comments. I hope to have pictures up here soon because I'm going to need some help putting on the finishing touches!