30 January 2011

February Challenge #1

I'm almost ready to publish some photos of our in-progress master bedroom, but I'm having camera-to-computer-to-internet issues so I'll deal with that tomorrow.

In the meantime, there are a some February challenges going on in the blogosphere that have caught my imagination. I'm considering joining this one.

The sweet and talented Rachel Austin is hosting a February Art Challenge. She posted:"

"February Art Challenge: Four views of Home.

One new piece of art each week in February around this theme of ‘home’. This can be whatever you think of – actual views from, of and around your home, objects, people, whatever ‘home’ brings to mind. You can use whatever materials are inspiring to you or that you want to try out – drawing, painting, mixed media. Make it as simple as you want. I just ask that you do one new piece each week over the month. What do you think? Are you in? I’d like to post images each week of our progress to inspire other readers. Images of your new piece should be emailed to me each Sunday in February (the first week due Feb. 6th) and I’ll post our images on the blog each Monday. If you’ve never picked up a pencil or a brush, now is your time to play and create, don’t be shy – it’s going to be fun! To sweeten the deal, I’ll send a free 8 x 10 map print to anyone who completes the four weeks with me.

First piece due Sunday, Feb. 6th. Email me a low res. image and your name (you can be anonymous if you don’t want me to list your name by your piece) at: rachelaustinart@gmail.com "

Are you in? If you're interested, please let Rachel know. And comment so I know too! It will be fun to have a bunch of us doing this together.

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