20 February 2011

Sunday Photos

I'm experimenting with blogging directly from my iPhone.


Wendy said...

What gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing - wish I could just pop over to visit with y'all.

Talk to you soon,

Lise said...

Love the pic with the big stick!

Thanks for your comment about scissors. Yes, I'd definitely recommend getting a pair. Get good ones (we like Fiskars kids' scissors), 'cause the "safety" plastic-y scissors are so frustrating to use they end up being less safe than the good sharp ones.

elle + josh said...

beautiful! i love blogging from my iphone, and hipstamatic!!! it was so great to see you all at shepherd's party. let's hang out soon!

kileen said...

these pictures are awesome!! love the candid shots. :)

cute and little

tabitha jane said...

coava is famous on this side of the country. our friend todd works for a local roaster here and talks about coava all the time!