21 July 2011

Three Generations of Friends

One of the true delights of visiting Indiana is that often my dearest childhood friend, Amy, manages to arrange a simultaneous trip to our hometown so that we can spend a day together.


This is Amy's mom, Joy, and my mom, Rose. They've been friends since they were in college.


This is Amy and this is me. We met when we were in elementary school. We have been friends ever since.


This is the Sprout and Amy's daughter, Little A. They met when they were babies. Now they are two and three. We plan on them being friends too.



Anonymous said...

I love this, Deb. Old friends really are the greatest gifts. One of the best things about living near Boise is that I get to see my friends when they come "home". Tomorrow I'm flying to Indiana to see my BFF and I can't wait to get there. I only wish our children could play together.

As Sarah said to me: "make new friends, but keep the old ones. One is silver and the other gold. So true!


Cottonista said...

That's so great. I'm so glad you could see Amy while you were in Indiana. ( :

Grandma Rose said...

I really like this post. Yes, Joy and I first met at Rosedale Bible Institute (now Rosedale Bible College). A friend is someone you can call on and talk for an hour without getting tired of each other. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Thanks for posting them. Now , if I can get andy or someone to print them for me.

Joy- Rose's friend.. smile.

amy said...

I love this so much!