27 June 2009

Made: Huck Finn Pants and Yard Sale Skirt

I bought Heather Ross's lovely Weekend Sewing book well before the Sprout was born because it was so beautifully photographed and designed. I paged through it over and over again thinking of the projects I would make out of it, but I had no energy and, dagnabbit, my belly got in the way of the sewing machine.

So I put the book away until this spring when I made the Lazy Day's skirts for my nieces and I needed a pants pattern for my little nephew. Out came Weekend Sewing and the Huck Finn pants pattern. It's a sweet, simple pattern and went together very quickly. I liked Heather's idea of putting buttonholes in the elastic waistband so the pants can be adjusted as the little boy grows. I haven't heard anything from my sister so I'm assuming that the pants are working....huh, sis?

Then I decided to tackle the Yard Sale Skirt. I had read enough comments from other sewing bloggers to know that this pattern has some issues---namely that 6 panels weren't wide enough to cover most women's heinies and so people were adding a 7th or even an 8th panel. I wanted to use fabric that I had lying around (a couple of yards of Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut) and I didn't want it to be TOO full so I decided to alter the pattern and make each panel a little wider at the waist. I'm a little wider at the waist these days having not entirely returned to my pre-baby shape (and that was not too trim to start with). So I thought widening each panel would do the trick.

It did. Sort of.

I don't know what's up with this skirt, but I just don't like it. I think part of it is the fabric...needs to be washed about 30 more times before it is nice and limp and summer-y. I think part of it is my pattern alteration that made it less "swooshy" of a skirt. And I think a lot of it is just that I don't like how this pattern emphasizes the waist which is my least favorite body part at the moment. Sigh....

To compensate for my dissatisfaction with the skirt, I used the scraps to make a cunning little kimono for the Sprout using Habitual's pattern. You can see her picture here. She does not have body issues. Thank goodness.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the yard sale skirt, other folks have been really happy with it and with the Weekend Sewing book in general. There are a couple of other projects I'd really like to try out of it, so...I will venture forth into Weekend Sewing again soon. And maybe I'll even take a second shot at the Yard Sale skirt.


heather jane said...

I love the skirt, but I totally get the distaste for an accentuated waistline. I have the same issue. (and my baby is two). But that print is just sooooo lovely. Heather Bailey is my fave. I have made several things out of that fabric and not been able to keep any of them for myself. It's high time!

Love the button waste band. Amelia can not keep any pants or shorts up without the use of her cloth diaper padding. It really helps to have the button adjustments, but they are so hard to find (and expensive) I've been trying to come up with a way to add them to the pants she has. Just one more reason I NEED that book. Darn.

BTW...so sorry about the typo in your guest post title...I'm so embarrassed! It wasn't until this morning that I caught my error.

Ginny said...

I just found your blog through the Weekend Sewing flickr group. I think your skirt looks great. I made it and agree that it is not the best skirt for a postpartum mama. Of course I have had four babies, and will probably never be able to wear that skirt. But, at least I learned how to sew a french seam!

Joy said...

I love your skirt. The fabric is adorable.
The little pants are too cute.
My girls are now taking sewing classes. I hope it inspires them to create things throughout their lives. I'll look for that book in the library.


Cottonista said...

You gotta hate it when the "Yard Sale Skirt" turns out to be a "Put Me on a Yard Sale Skirt." I have had so many failures with sewing clothes for myself. But really, your skirt looks great! I love the tie.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I love that book! It is sitting next to my bed right this second. I have to try the huck finn pants for my toddler...


Wendy said...

Oh, I love that fabric. And your belly is much smaller than mine and my youngest is 11.

I just got this book for my birthday (thank you MIL) and am so glad that I started googling info about the skirt before starting. (Just one more reason why I adore the internet). I have 3 1/2 yards of clearance fabric (I got all they had) that I adore and I'm not sure that it'll be enough for this. I think I've decided to make this one up with a sheet so I can know exactly what it looks like before I cut into my real fabric.